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    Agadyati Prana® has pioneered the most effortless way that leads to a healthy lifestyle and mental wellness by offering alternative health and holistic services. Agadyati Prana® is such an exemplary monumental presence in the world of alternative therapies, an institution transmitting a concrete embodiment of will power and positivity to transfigure the lives of millions.

    Agadyati Prana® offers you the best in terms of complementary and alternative therapies to help you out in dealing with long-term health issues, personal crises, depression, anxiety, and a lot more. The certified therapists focus on deciphering and resolving the primary source of concern while observing and tracking the daily progress and improvement in the current physical and mental state of the clients.

    Agadyati Prana® has successfully created a distinctive identity as one of the best alternative health and holistic service provider companies aiming to create a world full of optimism and happiness. The objective nurtured in the minds of the therapists at Agadyati Prana is to create a cooperative workspace where everyone will work together towards achieving a healthy life, free from any sort of ailment physical/ mental/ emotional

    Being one of the best health and wellness companies across the world, Agadyati Prana offers you the best remedial therapies provided by certified energy and Pranic healers, tarot card readers, yoga trainers, nutritionists, and astrology consultants. The expert supervision and observance of the trainers and experts ensure expeditious recovery of the health and psychological issues.

    Since Agadyati Prana provides the clients with holistic health services, the offered alternative therapies are also quite diversified. Each of the healing services caters to the individual health requirements of the clients.

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    Agadyati Prana, is organising multiple online events for Pranic healing and Meditation

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    I contacted one of the consultants from Agadyati Prana for a severe case of Alzheimer for my grandfather who is 82 years old. Along with Alzheimer's he used to struggle with day to day stuff. He needed someone to care for him all the time. Shradha took up the case and started healing process. After 2 months of healing his conditions started to improve. He is now able to do certain things on his own and his Alzheimer's also improved. Me and my family is very grateful to Shradha and her team for helping us and my grandfather in this situation. We wish them all the best with our gratitude.




    About Shradha

    A new age life coach, an entrepreneur and a true guiding friend who is determined to achieve her mission of spreading positivity via manifesting energy and guidance for one to attain higher inner self. 

    Shradha has a 10+ years of experience as a Pranic healer and Tarot reader, she has by now conducted 50,000+ successful sessions. Her patients who range from all aspects of life and age group see towards her as guiding light in all their life problems be it mental, physical and emotional.