Human life is full of struggles and worries. Starting from anxiety to relationship or prosperity issues, diabetes to cancer or tumour and migraine to untimely memory loss, these are the most common issues that a person deals with in a lifetime, But, what do we want the most just before going to sleep? It is the peace. Unfortunately, that is what we lack in our life due to ongoing crises and unprecedented circumstances.

Importance Of Connection Between Mind & Soul

  • A celebrated personality who mastered the techniques of Pranic healing once said, “Regulate your mind. Do not worry excessively about the future. If you have done everything that has to be done, the future will take care of itself." He tries to convey a universal truth through these words and that is everything is not in our control and we must accept the truth only if we have already done all the things that we could have.

  • The connection between mind body is of utmost importance because willpower and determination to make things better can completely change your life. You must have heard about those patients who are diagnosed with last-stage cancer and still they the courage to live. Sometimes they survive beyond the estimated time. How do they do that? Due to the yearning to survive longer.

Cure Through Pranic Healing Therapy

  • The certified Pranic healer at Agadyati Prana has cured many patients with the help of Pranic healing therapies. she cannot forget one such incident that strengthened the concept of positive energies and the power of healing in her mind. It was about a patient who was in ventilation and the doctors gave up all hopes. It was she who asked for ten days from the family members and started working with the chakras. After ten days, the patient started to respond and after a month, he was shifted to C.C.U.

  • It is scientifically proven that Pranic healing therapies can heal the soul and the body as well. But the Pranic healer felt the true power of Pranic healing that day and was delighted to manifest it once again. Someone rightly said, "Life is like an echo! when you give something, it comes back to you many, many times.” The power of positive energy can truly heal the minds and the bodies.

  • The certified Pranic healers at Agadyati Prana feels good when they help someone to get cured emotionally, psychologically as well as physically. After completing thousands of successful Pranic healing sessions, they acknowledge the power of Pranic healing therapy.

  • Agadyati Prana provides the best Pranic healing services that can help you in getting rid of physical and mental discomforts. If you want to cope with the odds of life, you must have the determination to fix the issues and the best Pranic healer at Agadyati Prana will heal you from within.

Agadyati Prana has an expert team of energy healers who work on different kind of modalities, (e.g., pranic healing etc.) to help people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pranic Healing is a scientifically proven therapy that uses the Prana or life-force to treat minor health conditions like fever, cold to serious diseases like cancer, other than health Pranic Healing works on psychological disorders, prosperity issues, relationship issues, financial problems, etc. Pranic Healing therapies utilise the essential life force to balance and transform the energy process to maintain good mind, body and soul.

Pranic Healing therapies can help you in managing stress and anxiety and improving your mental and emotional health. Psychological disorders are treated using Pranic Healing protocols. Phobias, addictions, fear and much more are cured with Pranic Healing.

Apart from treating and curing health and mental conditions, Pranic Healing therapies are also effective in cleaning corporate and home ambience. The therapies can cleanse the negative energies in the surroundings and this is how it attracts prosperity and positivity. Pranic Healing therapies can prove to be equally effective in improving financial conditions and in solving any sort of issues that common people face in their daily life.

According to ancient science and beliefs, Pranic Healing is a therapy that works with the energy field of the human body or entity, that is the aura. Pranic Healers can remove the negative energy from the aura and replace them with positive life-forces that can improve the overall health, mind and body of people.

Pranic Healing therapies cannot be considered an alternative to Allopathy because they cannot substitute the traditional or scientifically proven methods of treating health conditions. Pranic Healing compliments the traditional form of medicine. However, Pranic Healing therapies are intended to serve the entire humanity by improving their overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Yes, Agadyati Prana empanels only Certified Pranic Healers who have substantial experience in treating people and who have the intention to do good to the society and human kind as a whole.

Agadyati Prana conducts several consultancy programs and sessions so that you can open up about the difficulties and issues you are confronting in your life. The certified Pranic Healer at Agadyati Prana will analyse your issues properly and provide you with the best and most effective Pranic Healing sessions and therapies to improve various conditions. Along with sessions Agadyati Prana has several customized workshops where Pranic Healer work on individuals with several wellness and lifestyle conditions.